One week since I drove a car One week since I could breathe easy Yesterday marked First steps, out of bed, eyes facing light Nights are spent Sitting up Lungs laboring Against infection that burns Body wracked Muscles spasm and ache endlessly But demands await And life must resume Into the hurry up and go … Continue reading One Week #wwwblogs

One Week #wwwblogs

We learn early That civility is the Rule of the day That wild is an enemy Meant to be tamed We encroach Blasting through mountains For still another road Transforming wilderness In the name of progress We demand the urban Destroying a world To prove our dominion Preferring to cage All we do not understand … Continue reading Sprawl #MondayBlogs

Sprawl #MondayBlogs

We are - all of us - fractured pieces bits of gold and glimmers of momentary hope cobbled together into this stardust skin we are electrified tearing the skies asunder creating the new stronger for the miles we spent to find our missing pieces the fragments of soul that had been cast to the compass … Continue reading Fragments #wwwblogs

Fragments #wwwblogs

Others will use Your past To hurt you They want you to live In the version of you That gives control Instead of taking it Others will throw Barbs at you Sending your trust Back as a messenger Meant to hurt Leaving wounds Others will pray A list of your sins Your transgressions Your errors … Continue reading Weaponized


Speak in careful tones Modulated Into the pleasing Be just Exactly "so" Before the neighbors talk Live the construct The archetype Unless you choose To fall Tumble to the other Side of judgment But there is freedom In villainy In the role Of the outcast "Making trouble" Building waves To take down The framework Built … Continue reading Never Heard #MondayBlogs

Never Heard #MondayBlogs

"It is not about what it is, it's about what it can become." Many days, it seems as though most wisdom can be captured in what I have learned in elementary school (thank you, Sister Marie Joann!) and from Dr. Seuss. So, for today's post, I thought I would share a few favorites and wish … Continue reading Dr. Seuss #FridayPhilosophy

Dr. Seuss #FridayPhilosophy

Doubt is a plague Following on the heels Of a devil Calling himself anxiety The constant state of alert The gnawing worry That whispers in the night Pulling me out of dreams And into the tossing And turning Of my mind Until Like a soft rain Breath connects Warmth returns And the body sinks Into … Continue reading Insignificant