Abundance springs From roots and soil The source of all We could ever need Yet we seek Something greater Than contentment Satisfaction And peace Greed whispers That nothing Is ever enough Good enough Strong enough Rich enough And we choke On the excess We chase - Caroline A. Slee

Enough #wwwblogs

Every step On this journey One motion closer To letting go The separation That marks The human condition Every age Every moment A farewell Until we all Meet again ~ Caroline A. Slee

Full Speed

This is not my day Pushing furiously into haste The morning rush Of echoing alarm clocks Sounding one after the other This is not my day Filled with lists And emotions running high The constancy of to and fro In an endless loop This is not my day Though I close my eyes And take … Continue reading Opposite #MondayBlogs

Opposite #MondayBlogs

We paint ourselves Into bright corners Colorful labels Meant to pigeonhole Until all shades Bleed into scarlet Each letter A condemnation Every image A burning flame Until we build Into a conflagration As the world Burns into madness - Caroline A. Slee


I dream beyond Outside these walls Without limits Shedding the skin That casts me as weaker Finding the simple Twisted through the complications Of endless chatter Words falling without meaning Meant only to drown Opposing voices I dream beyond The silence Expected of me The perfectly pleasing I leave unfulfilled Reveling instead In the dreaming … Continue reading The Weaker #wwwblogs

The Weaker #wwwblogs

The world renews In silent shade With dappled sunlight To nurture her growth The wildness waits Catching her breath As Earth mother Brings forth new life Before our eyes The world is greening Healing a wound We have inflicted Far too long Bringing back A young planet To stem the poison Flowing from mankind - … Continue reading Greening


We rise, renewed Our roots filling us With the fire of future The past shoots into newness Leaves bursting into green An ageless rebirth All of our needs Are met here The sky to shelter Limbs to stretch Water to sustain And life to burn and return again We rise From our own ashes Nurtured … Continue reading The Holy Tree #MondayBlogs

The Holy Tree #MondayBlogs