There is a song In the earth For those who would listen And a pulse Running through the stones For those who pause to feel it There are stories Waiting to be told Waiting for us To simply hear them So that the earth's wisdom Might be shared And we might inherit At last Our … Continue reading Ancient History

Ancient History

We become an alien planet All drowned life And destruction After the rains We have to work To find what was Washed clean In the wreckage Of what was washed away ~ Caroline A. Slee

After the rains #wwwblogs

It is not mischief To plant a garden To nurture blooms To chase the sun Instead it is A lovely magic Quiet fire To bring still land Into abundant life And let it spread Far and wide For beauty To be shared ~ Caroline A. Slee

Magic Managed

We buck the lessons: To be invisible Not occupy space. Instead arriving With brightness and volume. Unapologetic, We speak above a whisper and Step out from our role As wallflowers. Finally granting Ourselves permission To be. Secure in the knowledge That our being Is not a mistake. - Caroline A. Slee

Stand Out #MondayBlogs

I've been thinking a lot about how memory works: the way it can be sweet and nostalgic, or awkward agony. Also the way it can jump into the present, like an eager friend yelling "here I am!" We are so often told that we need to let go of the past, but I think there … Continue reading Memory #FridayPhilosophy

Memory #FridayPhilosophy

We begin to dream our dreams As the slate is washed clean A blank canvas inviting change As we dive in beyond our depth Shifting ourselves outside of comfort Finding strength in the unknown We call into the darkness A challenge we rise to meet The slate is clean Inviting the image we create And … Continue reading Slate


We let go Allow the current to take us Flow with the river Learning her story Her tale founded Upon smoothed banks And living water Fury and calm Entwined We let the current take us And our story Becomes one With the river A force and a flow Peace and power Moving together ~ Caroline … Continue reading Flow #wwwblogs

Flow #wwwblogs